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Image of machines in Wellness Suite

Wellness Suite

At Duncan Edwards and Halesowen Leisure Centres

Our Wellness Suites are fully equipped with state of the art Shapemaster toning machines. Each machine uses power assisted technology which provides help to move specific areas of the body with low impact support.

How do the machines work?

There are twelve machines in total and each one has a specific use so that customers can exercise particular areas of concern with ease.

Sessions are bookable in 60 minute slots. This gives you access to each piece of equipment, also allows you recovery time between each piece of kit. 

These low impact exercises can be used by people of any age and of any ability. The toning machines will particularly be useful for people who require physiotherapy or are rehabilitating after surgery. Our fully trained advisers will be on hand to ensure the correct use of each piece of equipment.

How will the Wellness Suite benefit my health?

Our Shapemaster equipment will assist with the following: 

  • Side flexor: Helps relieve pain and stiffness

  • Hipster: Helps to stretch the hamstrings

  • Seated climber: This machine exercises muscles used for climbing stairs and reaching activities (such as opening cupboard doors and reaching for items)

  • Chest and legs: This machine helps strengthens muscles associated with walking 

  • Tricep dip & leg curl: Helps strengthen the tricep muscle group which are used to boost standing up from sitting and also reaching activities

  • Side bend stepper: Relieves pain and stiffness and improves walking ability

  • Rotary torso: Helps alleviate neurological pain and stiffness. Also improves walking ability and rotation actions such as turning

  • Flys and thighs: Strengthens muscles used which help to maintain balance

  • Cross cycle: This machine helps improve fitness and increase lung capacity

  • Tummy crunch: Tones and tightens the abdominal area, while protecting and strengthening the lower back

  • Ab pullover: Regular use of this machine will improve upper body posture and shoulder mobility

  • Relaxer: It is important to cool down gradually at the end of an exercise session. The Relaxer offers low frequency vibration which promotes relaxation at the end of an exercise session. It is important to cool down gradually at the end of an exercise session

Please note: Spectators are not permitted in the Wellness Suite.

Wellness Suite Contact Numbers

Duncan Edwards Leisure Centre - 01384 812339

Halesowen Leisure Centre - 01384 813713

Image of machines in Wellness Suite